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Check out our newest designs and the latest colour variants, and be inspired by all the possibilities a TV tripod gives you for new arrangements. Our TV tripods come in tall and low versions, which are all designed to be compatible with televisions from the known brands such as Samsung, LG, Sony and Philips.

Our TV tripods support screens from 40” to 70”, and are designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. The raw, solid steel profiles add edge and character, while the clean, simple lines give a calm expression. Stay up-to-date with our new designs and colour variants, and go exploring in our selection of TV tripods in trendy designs, where new variants appear regularly.

TV tripods in a wide range of colours

We make every effort to supply TV tripods to appeal to all tastes. All our designs are therefore available in different colours, from the quieter, more subdued shades to strong colours that add life and contrast. Our TV tripods are available in colourful versions in Dusty Rose and Forest Green as well as in more neutral tones such as Snow, Charcoal and Mushroom. New colours are added regularly. Choosing a TV tripod in Dusty Rose or Forest Green will draw more attention than the neutral shades. Whatever the colour, our designs are simple and stylish, and each adds elegance and gives the screen a lift in its own way. The TV tripods have a matt, powder-coated surface that allows the colours to stand out clearly. Check out the different colour variations and be inspired by the way our TV tripods can fit into your personal furnishing scheme.


TV tripods for your screen

Our TV tripods are designed with a specially developed bracket to attach the TV easily to the stand. The bracket was specially developed for Pedestal stands, with focus on user-friendliness and functionality, so that mounting is easy and straightforward, while the screen is securely attached to the TV tripod. Our stands and the accompanying brackets were designed to fit the most widely sold TV screens. That means screens from brands such as Samsung, Sony, Philips, LG, Panasonic, and a great many more. So regardless of whether your screen is from Samsung, LG or a completely different brand, you can be practically certain that our TV tripods and brackets will fit the screen you have. From there it is simply a question of choosing the TV tripod you like best, and which you think will fit best in your home. Explore our range of new stands right here.

The family meeting point

For many families the sofa is a comforting refuge, the place to gather after a long day, and a place to relax and gear down. It is where people tend to come together, and they can spend hours there every day. The sofa in front of the television is where we gather and let go, enjoy freedom and time off. At Pedestal it is our ambition to create the best conditions for friends and family to gather, and for that purpose we design simple, functional TV tripods. The TV can then be a meeting point, whether there are ten of you or just two getting together in front of the screen. Our TV tripods are designed for functionality. That means we have made it simple and straightforward to mount the screen on the TV tripod, and that the stand can be moved to suit the needs of the individual home and everyday routines. Check out all our new products here.


Functional TV tripods

Pedestal emanates Danish design. When you look through our range of TV tripods, you will see a wide selection of simple, timeless and functional products, available in different heights, models and colours, and with different practical, functional qualities. The TV tripods in our Mainline collection are all made in solid steel with a powder-coated finish for a matt surface and elegant expression. The clean lines and simplicity of the TV tripods are broken by clearly visible bolts, which connect the legs and feet of the tripods and add edge and character to the products. All our TV tripods are delivered with three practical magnets, which are used to organize and conceal the cables for the screen behind the legs of the stand. Then your TV setup appears neat instead of untidy and disorganized.