TV Stand shelves11



With a shelf for your TV stand you can be sure of an optimal storage solution. Choose shelves in the same colour as your TV stand, or create an eye-catching effect by combining different colours. By choosing to add a shelf you increase the functionality of the stand, and add a personal touch.

The shelves for TV stands are made of solid, powder-coated steel, which gives them a matt surface. The shelves come in different colours, and it is entirely up to you whether you want the shelf in the same colour as the stand, or whether it should stand out in another colour to add edge and a contrasting look. With a shelf for your TV stand, the remote control and the games console always have their regular place.

Colourful shelves for TV stands

Our TV stands come in a range of different colours. So do our shelves for TV stands, which are specially designed for Pedestal’s products. The shelves are made of solid steel, and finished with a matt, powder-coated surface, so the colours stand out clearly. The shelves for the TV stands are available in the same five colour variations as the stands: Snow, Charcoal, Mushroom, Forest Green and Dusty Rose. When you add a shelf to your stand, you have a good storage solution, and at the same time you can add a personal detail to your stand. You can choose a shelf in the same colour as your stand, or you can give the design a lively, colourful look by selecting a shelf in a different colour. Explore our selection of shelves for TV stands right here.


Practical shelves for TV stands

Pedestal has a wide range of shelves for TV floor stands. The shelves are designed with special brackets that attach the shelf to the legs of the stand. The brackets are covered with a practical rubber material, which ensures that the stand is not scratched or damaged. The shelves fit Bendy Tall Stand and Straight Tall Stand. The distance from the shelf and the floor or the lower edge of the screen will depend on the stand you choose. If you opt for a tall version, there will be more space between the floor, the shelf and the screen, than there will be if you choose a lower version. A shelf for your TV stand is a practical storage solution that allows you to add a personal detail to the design. 


Functional and elegant shelf for your TV stand

The shelves for our TV stands form a practical and elegant addition to the final design. The shelves are made of solid, powder-coated steel and formed with space for the legs of the stand, so that the shelf naturally becomes part of the look of the stand, giving it a light, floating appearance. Adding a shelf to the TV stand meets a practical need for storage, too. Why not place a green plant on the shelf, or always keep the remote control there, so you do not have to search for it before you settle down in front of the screen? There are lots of solutions, and it is entirely up to you how you want to make use of the shelf on your TV stand. Right here, you can explore our selection of shelves, which are available in a number of different colours.


Shelves for your TV stand

With our specially designed bracket, shelves can be fitted to most of our TV stands. The bracket is coated with a strong rubber material to ensure that the bracket is firmly fixed to the stand, and the shelf for the TV stand will not slip once it is fitted. Besides the bracket for the shelf, the fitting to attach the screen to the TV stand was developed by Pedestal. The fitting ensures that our stands support televisions from brands such as LG, Philips, Samsung and Sony, which are the most sold brands on the TV market. Go exploring in our selection of stands and shelves for TV stands right here, and find inspiration for how you can make the TV screen an integrated part of your furnishings.