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Dive into this range of stylish TV floor stands and gather inspiration from the many different ways they can give your flat screen an elegant, light and lively look. Our TV stand designs are inspired by the industrial design era, with focus on functionality and construction.

Placing your television on a floor stand opens up new ways to furnish the room. Then the screen is not locked onto the walls, and the stands open up new ways to position the television. A TV floor stand adds a new degree of functionality and flexibility to your screen, so that it is easier to arrange it as a natural element in the furnishings. With a TV stand, the screen appears less massive, as the stand lifts the screen and gives it a lighter, more elegant look. See Pedestal’s wide range of TV floor stands here.

Create smaller rooms within the room with a TV floor stand

The development of our products is built on a vision of supplying a wide range of stylish TV floor stands as alternatives to the TV screen fixed to a wall. One reason for doing this is that it makes the TV an active element in furnishing the home, just like other items of furniture which few of us could do without. Fit your television on a floor stand, and you can place it where you want it. Then you can move it if new needs arise. By avoiding the fixed solution of a television attached to the wall, new opportunities open up to allow the TV to become an active element in the room, as stylish as it is functional. With a TV floor stand, there is the option of placing the screen in the middle of the room, so that it serves as a natural, integrated room divider which can mark off and separate the TV area from a dining or office section. There are lots of possibilities when the television is placed on a floor stand.


The alternative to the classic TV unit

Pedestal has a wide range of TV floor stands and accessories. Our floor stands function as an alternative to the classic TV unit, which can easily appear heavy and dominating in a modern furnishing style. Our TV floor stands come in simple, timeless designs, based on simple steel constructions that are solid enough to carry a screen up to 70”. The simplicity of the stands makes them easy to fit in with your personal style and needs. With a TV floor stand your television arrangement takes up less space in the living room than it would with a classic TV unit. That way, furnishing becomes more flexible and functional, because, among other things, the television becomes more a movable element in the home when it is placed on a stand. Explore our selection of simple and functional floor stands for televisions here.

Colourful home design

Colours can do a lot for a home. They liven up and set the mood, and can be a source of inspiration. There are various ways to give your home a touch of colour. You can go all-in and paint a whole room, or simply add small colourful elements such as a cushion, a picture or a colourful floor stander for the television. Our stands are available in many colour variants: Dusty Rose or Forest Green are among the most colourful. Our steel shelves come in a range of different colours, too. By adding a shelf to the TV floor stand, you can add a personal detail to the design. Give it extra edge and personality by adding a shelf in a different colour from the TV floor stand. This adds character and contrast to the overall visual impression. Alternatively, you can place the television on the floor stand next to a wall in a particular colour, adding a colourful edge to the television and the furnishing scheme.


Floor stands for Samsung, Sony, Philips, LG and several other TV brands

It may be difficult to see whether the television you have just bought will fit on the TV floor stand you have chosen. At Pedestal we have tried to reduce the doubt. We have developed a bracket that ensures that our TV stands can support most of the TV screens. The brackets that attach the screen to the stand follow the VESA standards, just like most TV screens. So, whether your television comes from Samsung, Philips, Sony or LG, you can assume that it can be mounted without problems on one of our TV floor stands. Right here on this page you can explore our extensive range of TV floor stands in different timeless designs, and be inspired by the way they can make the TV screen an integrated part of your home furnishing scheme.