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Our latest solutions in accessories for TV tripods complete the TV stands both functionally and visually. The range of accessories for TV tripods includes shelves and brackets for sound bars in different colours, ensuring that you can customize your TV stand to your needs. Go exploring in our latest range of accessories for TV tripods and find inspiration for personal details you can add to your TV stand.

The range of accessories for TV tripods include Inlays for the feet of the stands, where they provide a contrast to the strong steel profiles. Like Inlay, Wood Top is also made in ash, and comes in light, white-oiled and dark, black-stained variants. Wood Top was designed specifically for A-frame, while Inlay is available for all our designs. Accessories for TV tripods allow you to add your own personal touch to your TV stand. See our accessories in a wide range of colours here.

New additions to accessories for TV tripods

Our range of accessories for TV tripods is always under development, to follow the latest trends in the field. Our TV stands are available in tall, low and tilted versions, in a wide range of colourful tones and quieter shades. Our accessories for TV tripods also extend widely, from simple, functional steel shelves to aesthetic wooden inlays and practical sound bar mounts, which make it possible to customize your TV setup to suit your own needs and preferences. Just like the TV stands, our steel shelves are also available in a number of different colours – from bright to subdued shades, which fit into any furnishing style. You can explore our wide range of new additions to accessories for TV tripods, which have been developed to enable you to customize your TV stand precisely to your needs, in a way that matches your home furnishing.


Accessories for TV tripods in different materials

You will find that Pedestal has a wide range of accessories for TV tripods made in different materials, each with its own aesthetic expression and functional qualities. Our range includes Inlay, wooden inlays for the feet of the stands, and Wood Top, a shelf designed to be fitted on A-frame. Both Inlay and Wood Top are made in ash, and available in dark, black-stained versions and in light, white-oiled variants. Adding accessories in wood to your TV stand creates a contrast to its solid steel construction. Besides Inlay and Wood Top, you will also find a functional sound bar mount, which is easy to fit on the back of the TV stand, to integrate your sound bar with your TV arrangement. See the range here, and be inspired by our range of stylish accessories for TV floor stands.


Personal details with accessories for TV tripods

At Pedestal we endeavour to design simple TV stands and accessories with a contemporary expression. At the same time, it is our vision to supply products that appeal widely to different tastes, but are in line with our own overall aesthetic expression. Clean lines and simplicity always feature therefore, from design to design and throughout our collections. Our accessories for TV tripods are created to enhance the functionality of the stands, while at the same time they serve as personal details that can be added to the TV stands. When you add a functional shelf to a TV stand, you are also adding storage space, so you are sure that there is a proper place for the remote control or the games console. The shelves are available in a wide range of colours, and, like the other accessories for TV tripods in our range, you can see them on this page, where we have collected all the new additions.


TV tripod accessories with edge

Accessories for TV tripods come in many shapes, colours and materials. Pedestal has a wide range of TV stands and TV accessories in different colours. The range includes light colours such as Snow and Mushroom, and darker shades such as Forest Green and Charcoal, or Dusty Rose, with edge and character. Among our accessories for TV tripods we supply solid steel shelves in the same range of colours as the stands. Thus you can always buy a shelf to match the colour of your TV stand. The range of accessories for TV tripods also includes wooden inlays for the feet of the stands. Inlay is available in a light and a dark version, and the structure of the wood adds a warm contrast to the solid steel construction of the stands. Whether you are looking for functional shelves or wooden inlays, you will find our range of new items among accessories for TV tripods.