Wooden Inlays9



With simple choices you can give your TV stand a completely new visual expression. You can add your own personal touch by adding wooden inlays to the feet of the TV stand. Create a subdued look with a tone-in-tone combination of materials, or select contrasting shades for an eye-catching effect.

The wooden inlays are made in a light and a dark variant of ash, which adds warmth and roundness to the solid steel constructions of the stands. The inlays are manufactured with a simple magnet to make fitting easy. You simply place them in the feet on the stand. Check out the range of wooden inlays for TV stands, or explore the rest of Pedestal’s range of accessories, which enable you to add personal details to your stand.

Personality in the design

Most of us own at least one TV, and probably for most of us, the television really is not the most elegant item in our homes. At Pedestal we aim to make the television a stylish part of the home furnishings. You will therefore find a wide range of TV supports developed with the same attention to design as to functionality. Our designs are simple, straightforward and timeless, and they can easily and safely carry screens from 40” to 70”. Additionally, you will find a range of accessories to add details and make your TV stand personal. These include Inlays, which are wooden inserts for the TV stands. They are made in ash, and come in a light and a dark version, with the structure of the wood kept visible in both colour variants. Our wooden inlays for TV stands fit in the hollow feet of the stands, and are attached by means of magnets.

Wooden inlays for the feet of the stands

Electronics are everywhere in many homes, and most devices were not developed with design or aesthetics in mind. At Pedestal we develop TV stands in simple, timeless designs, which give the TV screen an elegant lift. Both design and function are in focus as we constantly expand our range with new products, colours and functionalities. If you want to make your personal mark on one of our designs, it is possible to choose from a range of accessory solutions for your stand. Among other things, there are wooden inlays for the feet, which soften up the striking steel profiles of the stands. The inlays are made of ash and are available in a dark and a light version. The veining in the wood is visible in both versions.